Parasol Camps



Postcards from the mountains, surrounded by snow and greens, celebrating contrasts all together, with trillions of possibilties and uncertainities, hovering up in the minds, in those city chaos, grinding up to get some calm pleasant surprise, even the roads might be with twist and turns, existing up somewhere in the lap of himalayas, pushing bit by bit beyond the imaginative boundaries, going deep in the beautiful snippets, craving more for the peace, in the lap of himalayas, trying to find the perfect equilibrium, in some unexplored valley of himachal, nestled far away from the city chaos, heart filled with joy and eyes with happy tears, how can anyone won’t get emotional? As happiness falls directly from the eyes, the perfect dose of happiness, while crossing crystal claer water streams barefoot, walking in the dense forest of himalayas, surrounded by lush meadows and apple orchids, secluded baga sarhan with less humans and more peace, a place where imagination becomes real, a place where even a hot cup of chai seems to be special, and lethargy and weariness disappear in that vast expense, this is what baga srahan a hidden gem did to me.
Diksha Ranjan
Living on the edge
Sounds like a dream?
Engulfed in Himalayan vistas,
Shrouded by deep pines,
Amongst tiny and colourful villages,
Wondering what lays ahead,
Somewhere between confusion and chaos,
The peace which comes,
living in the lap of mighty Himalayas,
Walking on the undiscovered trail,
Instead of taking any sort of transport,
Just to live in the moment,
Just to feel the moment,
Encountering innocent faces along way,
Be it a solitary reaper or a kid monkeying around,
Clicking the faces of that tiny yet pretty villages,
And jotting down about every moment,
By pouring that picturesque views from the heart and mind,
As the feet goes ahead,
Out of the world,
A place where timelessness can be truly experienced,
A place where dews and clouds rule all the time,
And the mountains wrapped up in the scattered clouds,
A place where happiness runs in the veins,
A place where soul gets relaxed,
And mind gets far from unstable fluttering thoughts and imaginations,
Few people emerges out of no where and embrace like their very own,
Just imagine how beautiful the place can be?
Yes! That’s Baga Sarhan, one of the hidden gems of Himachal.
And here it goes, the very fairytale turns real, The moment I stepped into this wonderland, Felt like its pulled straight out of storybook, Instantly made me feel complete within seconds. I took a deep breath and continued to stare the beaut! An absolute energy and excitement rushed inside veins, Wasn’t able to subside my happiness which rolled down through my cheeks, witnessing such sheer beauty of Himalayas, Inhaling fresh and chilled air,Its all worth it, the extreme weather conditions, the struggle, The pain to leave that couch and go ahead for more, Catching shooting stars in minus 15 degrees, But its all worth it. Overwhelming it is, with that gorgeous view, And a little more adventure with more off roading,And thrilling experience on rugged Himalayan terrains, That echo and the majestic thrilling vibes, Sun kissed mountain peaks dazzling like a jewel, With a tint of golden ray of hope, What an unparalleled joy, Couldn’t get more of it, where the ordinary things turns out to be most extraordinary, Yes! With a warm heart yet freezing temperatures Chanshal Pass welcomed me.