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About Us

About Us

Parasol a word with different contexts while the Victorian era connected it with Luxury and Royalty in Buddhism in Symbolises Buddha itself the protector of all sentient beings from Ignorance, delusions & fears. 

Here we combine the elements of all aspects making your camping experience luxurious, comfortable, safe, stress free. Our activities will rejuvenate your soul and clear your thoughts. While camping is an upcoming activity in India, however not everyone is able to trek long distances for experiencing the mountain, this is where we step into the domain, multiple locations, easily reachable and surrounded by serene beauty of nature offering you wide variety of views, Flora ‘n’ Fauna and an experience which will take you away from your hectic routines and refresh your mind and body. 

Experience a High Mountain Passes connecting remote villages or take jungle walks in the serene alpine forest lush with greenery and ideal spot of wildlife enthusiasts or maybe you want to just relax on the shores of a beautiful alpine lakes , passes, forest reservoirs and forget the world and its worries.

Choose your kind of experience, clubbed with multiple locations on the way making your journey through the Himalayas & Trans Himalayas a memory which will last a Lifetime.

Glamping !

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